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Spice up your relationship by seeking the best and most sought after fresh flowers delivery services in Kenya. You have invested a lot time to make it happen. Nurture courtship by sending fresh flowers for the special one.nairobi Florists

For us, it is such an honourable opportunity to showcase the nature’s beauty through flowers.

Attest to this by just closing your eyes, imagine the fragrance of the freshest roses’ just right at your nose. Feel the touch of the sparkling colourful petals. Can you feel the zealous aesthetic scent? I am sure it’s something never felt before and that is what we offer at Nairobi Florists. That is what we deem to offer upon request. Make a point to have a connection with nature by ordering the freshest flowers within the bounds of Nairobi, Kenya and we will get them delivered to desired premises within the shortest time possible.

Make a point to have a connection with nature by ordering the freshest flowers within the bounds of Nairobi, Kenya and we will get them delivered to desired premises within the shortest time possible.

Our team is always quick to respond. We always keep time to ensure customers satisfaction. We want to keep you close forever.nairobi forists

As a company, we have realized that in life it’s the little acts which matter. What counts is what we make people feel of how much they are treasured and needed. We can write poems for the ones we love, create songs, write novels or a trip to Hawaii just to say I Love You. But a single fresh rose will surely awaken the love, true love; indeed.

Nothing says it better than by getting fresh flowers delivered to your loved ones. Wherever they are. Yes, we go to such extents to help spread the love. To give a full package, we have prepared the bouquets and a variety of gifts as an accompaniment.

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We stock the tastiest chocolate bars which are mouth tickling, teddy bears, cakes of different sizes and in line with the occasion, customised pens, nicely packed fruits- to remind a person how much you wish them not just a happy life but a healthy one too, individually designed coffee mugs too.

Basically, we have it all and can get almost anything prepared as a gift for the beautiful people you want to appreciate. Seek us today through our website for more interactions anytime you need excellent services and value for your hard-earned money. And we are also eager to learn from your awesome ideas.

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Finding beautiful blossoms while still garden-fresh can be much of a hustle in town. has come to your rescue and no more worries, seek us and we will get it done just the way you want it. When you need the best fresh flowers from the best florist in the city under the sun, seek

We want you to have first-class customer experience while shopping and ordering from us. This is because you, our extinguished customer, that we exist and strive to offer quality services and products, just to see you fully satisfied, happy and be with you in creating beautiful moments.

We offer a wide range of products with striking floral arrangements that causes a wow-effect to every client we have served. There is always a conspicuous glamor written on their faces, the beauty of the fresh flowers is irresistible. Try our products and I assure you, there never regrets once you contact with us. In fact, there always come back and not alone but with good friends seeking our services.


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We never disappoint and will never will, ever.  Everyone deserves value for his/her money and our flower products and gifts will certainly do that. With that in mind, our team have customary crafted the product items to fit within your budget limit.

We have something for everyone.

Ever faced with a tough decision on what to take for your darling during Valentine? For sure it can be such a tussle wondering what bouquet is right for your love simply because you do not want the moment ruined. Now it is time for easy life. Nairobi Florist is here for you. No more hassle, no stress and no drama! We have all you need, order with us and we will get it delivered perfectly on your behalf.

To get a complete package we have the best wine and chocolates to make the moment extra special. There is only one sure way to do it right with your spouse to rekindle the lost love; consult with Nairobi Florist the local flower experts to deliver flowers to your spouse. It is never early to order Valentine flowers for your sweetheart. Kick start the amorousness and passion with a stunning Valentine flower delivery from the best flower shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

As every New Year comes in, the ladies know it is only a month to celebrate love during valentine and for spouses. There is always hope of something beautiful. At Nairobi Florist we have the best selection of valentine flowers for you to make the moment count. Love begets love. Make every day a valentine day there is so much to celebrate with the people we share our love with, do not wait until a year rolls over for that surprise.

A meaningful thank you needs to be completed with a gift. In appreciation of the ones we love and hope to love, celebration of special occasions or even just remind someone they are in your heart, we have something for you. Our team of specialists have crafted the most astonishing personalized gifts to deliver for you in Nairobi once you place an order with us. We have the perfect gift items you can possibly find in Nairobi for every event, any time you need it. The items have been uniquely designed to suit all occasions and make them worth remembering for eternity. Our selection include wedding gifts, sweet anniversary gifts to make a heart skip a beat, Christmas gifts to create a wonderful holiday experience for your family and partner, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, corporate gifts, all being offered at best prices that gives value for your money.

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I know you are out there struggling to come up with a unique ideas, to design that gift you desire to give to your spouse. Share your ideas with us, we like it when we grow together, tell us what interests that special one, their wishes and desires and we will give you exactly that;  gift that befits both your intrigues. You should know that when it comes to designing and creating uniqueness, Nairobi Florists never disappoints. Choosing the sweetest gift flowers and items is the best way to pour out your whole-hearted sentimentalities. If you are further from the city, no worries, seek our assistance and provide personal and location details to whom to send the gift and we will get it delivered in the soonest time possible. In most occassions, same day.

Many times it proves highly difficult to find fresh flowers in Nairobi, Kenya. To add to the pain, finding flowers while still fresh is near to impossible. Consider that now a thing of the past because the best florist in Kenya has come to save the situation, bringing to you classic products. It is in realization that our customers need quality, something with life. Something you have all been yearning for.

The beauty of fresh flowers is unmatchable and that is what we ensure it’s done with the most apt and clean technologies. No serious flower vendor should let the flowers lose their joie de vivre and radiance.

Place an order today from the finest florist in Nairobi and make your occasion colorful and intriguing.

We provide flowers for momentous celebrations birthdays, baby shower, graduations, corporate events, promotion party, wedding anniversaries, engagement parties, seek our expertise for any life time event.

Our floral arrangement ascertains elegance, classiness and awesomeness. We will give you something that you will never forget in your life and you will always find yourself ordering and doing business with that. That is our goal, to make you come back and make us to become the best of the best. Nairobi Florist is the only one, and only-no other, to give you exactly what you have been looking for and wished to get. Ours says it loud with you as you say LONG LIVE LIFE.

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Friends makes our world a better place to live. Without them I do not know how life would, but I know the experience would be totally different. How many times do we tell ourselves that we need to make someone feel appreciated for being with us through many hurdles?

Do not wait any longer, just place an order at Nairobi Florist for flowers to be delivered to your friend. Make their day by getting a ‘thank you’ bouquet accompanied by a gift card. A simple gesture as that is worth a thousand words. Say it simply with flowers.

It does not matter where you are; the diaspora, overseas or tied up in the office, make an enquiry through a call to our customer care and the rest will be handled by the most proficient team with utmost skills.

Once you shop flowers with us, flower delivery is done as soon as the package is ready by ourselves, the Nairobi Florist.

We are ever time conscious. For lovers, we have something to order for your spouse as a symbol for love and how alive they are in your hearts. Sending a bunch of roses it’s a show of total commitment to each other. Fresh flowers will certainly awaken the love and can bear me witness on this one. The aftermath will seal it all. If you want to experience love and affection in our homes daily, there is only one mysterious secret worth a dime. This is for men; develop a culture of bringing blossoms for your beautiful wife every day. Surprise them at work with a delivery of fresh flowers through Nairobi Florist and a simple ‘Darling, I love you’ note on it. Things will change, only for better.

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Being The premier online retail flower firm in Kenya, we value our customers’ needs. In that effect our team is equally time sensitive when it comes to delivery.

The company have extended its efficiency to provide same-day delivery for all the Orders. It is our commitment to ensure that time does not run out on you to make everything perfect. Quality of services is what we hope to offer to our much-esteemed customers in Kenya. Gauging from our flower items, uniqueness and care in packaging and delivering the freshest blossoms all offer at the best prices, we remain unmatchable.  The firm has been earmarked as one of the Kenya’s finest in providing fresh flower delivery services in the country. It has been made possible by our teams’ unswerving dedication to initiate a customer-oriented culture and reliability in the flower industry. Whenever times is against you, we will be at your rescue. The occasion must be a perfect one.

Seek us and you will surely thank us later.

Guys, I do not need to narrate what happens if you fail to remember the birthday of your spouse or the wedding anniversary. You ever wake in the morning, prepare to get to the office and the fiancée acts so different, only to realize later it’s her birthday?

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Through our same-day delivery service, never again accept experience the ordeal again; unless. The savior is here. Talk to us through our customer care at Nairobi Florist, order a birthday bouquet and a sweet birthday gift and we will get delivered that same day wherever they are, in office, home; anywhere, we always find them.

Looking for the best and quality packaged flowers that are still garden-fresh? Search no further, here the fated destination. Our cherished customer you are doing the right thing doing business with us. From us expect to get the best of the best services, fresh flowers and uniquely designed gifts for any occasion. We have everything you can ever think of, and can find no such anywhere in Nairobi. The benefits of shopping with us are innumerable. We have embraced a whole new concept to cater for today’s evolving world of business. Definitely, must be searching a favorite commodity gift or present, crazy about and for us we are the sellers do not look forward to losing a single client. Always ready to serve and give the best.

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Place an order, sit back and relax as we deliver the flower or gift item to the preferred location and recipient. We dream big and act the same way. Our aim is to remain steadfast in conquering the stage, set a pace in offering unsurpassed fresh flower delivery services in Kenya.